Being There. How Do You Feel?

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Katrin Sch?fer

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Every child knows feelings of fear, joy, anger and
sadness. Kathrin Sch?rer gives a face to 30 emoti ons in expressive animal pictures. A meerkat stands
resolutely on a diving board: he is courageous.
An ermine jiggles nervously from one foot to the
other in the queue: she is impatient. Two piglets
stare at a ghost with their eyes open and their
mouths open ? they are terrified. A little bear shyly
hides behind his mother. In an offended pose,
a chameleon crosses its arms. Angrily the rabbit
stomps his paw.
A treasure chest of emotions, in which even the
smallest readers can discover and recognise, name
and distinguish feelings. 78-3-446-26956-9
Katrin Sch?fer
No of pages: 64


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