EXIT The Book ? Diary 29

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A research team works for 28 weeks on a mysterious
project. During the 29th week something unexpected
happens and suddenly everyone disappears. Only
this diary remains ? with 63 quizzes that you must
solve to learn what happened!
To solve the quizzes you need: this book, a pencil,
a smartphone, a tablet or computer with internet
access, courage and good judgement. Everything is
allowed: writing, drawing, folding, cutting or ripping ?
without a thought for the book ? alone or in a team.
On the internet, the solution codes are exchanged
for keys. This opens the path to the next task. Only
once you have cracked all the codes will you find
out what happened. Live-escape feeling at the
professional level – an EXIT book in a class of its
? The perfect escape-room feeling for your home ?
alone or in a team
? Over 4.5 million EXIT games and 250,000 books
? With titles for every age from 8 upwards 978-3-440-16037-4
No of pages: 114


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