I Am the Wild Boar

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Kathrin Wiele
Hardcover, 100% Nature Book

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Temperamental omnivores with a super sense of
Wild boars like living in packs and it is quite chaotic
there: the sow just wants to wallow in the mud, but
the little newborns keep running through the thicket.
Seven pages of warm-hearted illustrations and
short, simple texts explain what role these shaggy,
grunting heavyweights play in the forest.
Keeping environmental protection and sustainability
in mind, this 100% natural book has been printed
with soy inks on eco-friendly cardboard.
Discovering nature on your doorstep
Pages and cover 100% natural
Complex interrelationships are explained in an
easily understandable way 978-3-407-75835-4
Kathrin Wiele
Hardcover, 100% Nature Book
No of pages: 16