Maxi of Phlip ? Caution! Wish Fairy!

Anna Ruhe

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A real live wish fairy has moved into Paula
Goldenberg?s house ? complete with glitter
dust and magic powers! Brilliant, eh? Well, almost?
Maximeralda Feodora Dilara Nima of Phlip ? Maxi
for short ? is on probation and has limited magic
powers. Only if she can perform good deeds for
Paula will she one day become a fully fledged fairy.
But Maxi has her own ideas about what might be
good for Paula. From now on, dreary old normal
days become super stand-on-your-head days.
Goodbye to boredom!
Hello to fairy chaos! 978-3-401-71328-1
Anna Ruhe
No of pages: 112


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