Pandekraska Pampernella

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Pandekraska Pampernella is eleven years old and a
real princess. She has a new hairdo every day, can
ride, fence and is a champion in archery. Since her
2nd year of life, she travels the world together with
a chronicler and a bodyguard. She is brave and no
risk is too great for her. But there is one thing she is
afraid of: that she will never find a best friend.
So she goes on a search…
? No ordinary children?s book, because
Pandekraska is no ordinary heroine
? A girl the likes of whom has never
been seen before!
? Readers will be amazed by her story.
? A story that goes beyond the ?normal?
boundaries of good children?s books
? A fabulous author and a real firecracker
of a story! 978-3-407-75827-9
No of pages: 336