The Enchanted Book Castle 1 – The Secret of the Magic Library

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The world of books is in danger.
Becky can hardly believe her luck: she, her father
Professor Ignaz Librum and her chipmunk Lotti are
going to live in a castle!
It?s a dream come true! But as Becky and her new
friend Hugo discover the first time they go scouting
around, this is no ordinary castle.
As if by magic, they stumble upon a secret floor with
a huge library, where three magical beings have
been waiting for years for someone truly special.
Someone who can make contact with the world of
books and save it from being forgotten ?
In this gripping first part of a magical adventure
series, a tough and tenacious girl moves into a
castle and faces the biggest adventure of her life:
a quest to save the magical world of books!
Wonderfully quirky magical beings, talking animals
and a loyal friend stand side by side with a strong,
brave female protagonist who kids aged
8+ will love. 978-3-7432-0656-4
Barbara Rose
No of pages: 160


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