The Great Days of Colombo

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Author: Asiff Hussein

First Published : 2021

No. of Pages: 822 – A4

Sold By: Neptune Publishers

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The Great Days of Colombo is by far the most comprehensive book on the City of Colombo, for long the grandest metropolis in the far-famed island of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.
This profusely illustrated and compelling work tells the story of how Colombo originated from very humble beginnings as a simple Moorish port to become what it is today, a bustling city full of life and colour.
The evolution of the city is traced in much detail and its rich history vividly described replete with stories of war and horror and pillage that followed in the wake of European colonialism only to be followed by its rapid rise under Western domination. Colombo was in a sense a meeting point of East and West and a melting pot which attracted peoples of many nations to come hither and call home. The story of Colombo is in short the story of a modern nation in the making.The Great Days of Colombo brings this out vividly.
Besides the city as a whole, the book focuses on each zone of Colombo dedicating a chapter to each, covering the growth and evolution of that particular zone over time. Among other things, it traces the origins of place names and street names and covers the main landmarks of each zone as well as businesses and prominent residences. Boxed portions in each chapter bring out the most interesting facts and facets of Colombo that should interest the reader.
The work is profusely illustrated with over 800 rare, vintage monochrome and colour photographs including by renowned photographers Stephen Owens and Dominic Sansoni, numerous sketches, paintings and artists impressions that add to the great story that is Colombo.


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