The Little NO Piggo

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Kathrin Wiele
Hardcover, 100% Nature Book

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NO! Piggo doesn?t want to get up! It?s cosy and
warm in bed. That?s how it all starts. Because Piggo
has to get up. At least that?s what Mum says.
And get dressed. And eat his porridge. And brush
his teeth. But Piggo doesn?t want to. Not one little
bit. No! No! No! Mum can say whatever she wants
and scold Piggo as much as she wants. But Mum
keeps quiet and puts Piggo on the back of her bike.
Without his jacket and gumboots. They arrive at
kindergarten much too late. And then Mum leaves
again very quickly. Piggo?s tummy is rumbling and
he?s cold too. Saying no today isn?t any fun at all!
Will Mum come back soon? Yes, there she is! And
finally, she takes Piggo into her arms! 978-3-446-26823-4
Kathrin Wiele
Hardcover, 100% Nature Book
No of pages: 16