The Snowflake Collector

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Robert Schneider

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Wilson Bentley lives on a farm in the vastness of
America with his older brother and his parents.
The two boys are supposed to support their parents
in their work and become good farmers. This leads
to conflicts, because Wilson is a dreamy boy who
spends a lot of time thinking and is fascinated by
the little things in the world: the peculiarities of
leaves, stones and snow crystals, which particularly
fascinate him. It becomes the passion of his life to
depict and preserve the delicate and fading crystals.
Nobody in the area has any interest in Wilson?s
eccentric ideas, and people cannot comprehend
his enthusiasm. When he gives a lecture in the village
about his work and shows the photos of the crystals,
he is met with a lack of understanding. But for
Wilson?s father, something fundamental changes
that evening: he realizes the value he has so far
ignored. 978-3-7026-5946-2
Robert Schneider
No of pages: 32


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