Why Grey Cells Can Be Pink TooDiscover the Human Brain

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Prof. Michael Madeja

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Is the brain slippery? Do brains work like computers?
Why do we think with our heads and not with some
other part of our bodies? Brain researcher and phy sician Prof. Michael Madeja answers all these ques tions, but he also goes one step further and has a
funny kind of constant interview with the brain cells
?Purki? and ?Pyra?! In his witty non-fiction book for
children aged 10 and up, the author explains in
a humorous way how the human brain works. It is
about the structure of the brain, about its recepti vity, about brain training but also about diseases of
this organ. Original comparisons, interesting facts,
and sketches which depict the information in a me morable way, help to explain this complex topic in
an entertaining manner. 978-3-7886-2241-1
Prof. Michael Madeja
No of pages: 128

1 review for Why Grey Cells Can Be Pink TooDiscover the Human Brain

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